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DC Multiverse Superman Unchained Armor Patina Gold Label 7″ scale figure McFarlane Toys

AUD $59.95

Here is the Superman Unchained Armor 7″ scale figure Limited Edition Patina Gold Label edition from McFarlane Toys!

This is a McFarlane Toys Store exclusive for 2023 limited to 10,000 pieces.

When the weaponized alien called Wraith goes on a destructive rampage in the Batcave and both Batman and Wonder Woman are unable to stop him, Superman dons an armor that features a shield and battle axe to confront the electromagnetic adversary. Their battle continues to the center of the Earth where Superman is finally able to defeat him, leaving him floating in the lava at the Earth’s core.

Based on his appearance in the DC Multiverse, Superman is featured in his exclusive patina paint armour. The highly detailed action figure has been designed in 7-inch-scale with ultra-articulation, featuring up to 22 moving parts for a full range of dynamic posing. Included is a pair of attachable wings, collector card holder, display base, and a collectable art card with character art on the front and a bio on the back.

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