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Playmobil Wiltopia 71006 Advent Calendar

AUD $89.95

Where are the animals of the world at home? Embark on an animal journey around the world and find out! Advent calendar to fill and design yourself with sticker sheet (eg name of the child). With reversible motif on the boxes: After 24 days, the animal panorama is complete!

Travel and discover exotic animals from around the globe without leaving your house! The DIY Advent Calendar – Animal Trip Around the World contains twenty-four surprise items for each day leading up to Christmas including unique wild animals from all continents. Fill each box per the included instructions or get creative and decide on your own what each box will contain. When assembled, decorate the set with stickers and personalize it with the child’s name for an exciting countdown to Christmas! After revealing the surprise each day, flip the individual piece’s box over to reveal part of an exotic wildlife scenery that will come together at the end of Advent, once all boxes are turned. Set includes over a dozen animals from all over the world, a figure, canoe, and many other accessories.

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Figures: 1 explorer; Animals: 1 codica bear, 1 herring, 1 cockatoo, 1 gazelle, 1 koala, 1 young koala, 1 peacock, 1 vulture, 1 skunk, 1 viper, 1 young swordfish, 1 kingfisher, 1 hedgehog, 1 young hedgehog, 1 tiger, 1 katta, 1 caiman, 1 young caiman, 1 spadefish, 1 butterflyfish, 1 reindeer, 1 red panda, 1 flamingo, 1 kangaroo, 1 young kangaroo, 1 rattlesnake, 1 beaver, 1 arctic fox, 1 gorilla; Accessories: 1 rowboat with two oars and flag, 1 map, 1 hat, 1 pair of binoculars, 1 radio, 2 little trees with flowers, 1 tree with flowers, 1 bundle of grass, 1 hill with grass, 1 coral with flowers, 1 grassy area with green plant, 1 animal skeleton, 1 tree trunk with plant, 1 snowy area, 1 leg of meat, 1 branch, 1 vine, 1 sticker sheet.

Recommended for ages four to ten years.

Item is new in box and is part of the Playmobil range you can find at Pop Toys, 1/20 Roberna St, Moorabbin, Melbourne, Victoria, 3189.

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