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Playmobil Wiltopia 71011 Animal Rescue Quad

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Animal rescue operation of the crashed jaguar, which was trapped by a fallen tree. Animal rescue quad with winch, trailer hitch and trailer. Includes extensive veterinary accessories, bandage labels and animal knowledge card ‘Jaguar’ with exciting audio content. Dimensions quad with trailer: 26 x 7 x 7 cm (LxDxH).

The Animal Rescue Quad is the vehicle the Palmers use to get around on land in the rainforest. Veterinarian Jamie takes the quad to get from A to B and to wounded animals faster and treat them on site with the doctor’s kit. With the map of the area, the Palmers can easily find their way around. The quad also has a transport trailer that the Palmers use to drive injured animals to the animal care station. Jamie brings an injured jaguar to the animal care station so that he can take more intensive care of it there. So the quad is an animal ambulance, means of transport and aid vehicle in one, which can also pull obstacles out of the muddy paths of the Amazon with the help of the winch. In addition to plenty of veterinary accessories, a sticker sheet with bandage labels for doctoring the animals is also included. The tree attached to the base plate can be tipped over and set up again. The PLAYMOBIL set includes Liv and Jamie Palmer, a quad bike with winch and carrier, a trailer, a Jaguar, a tiltable tree, a doctor’s case with accessories, an animal knowledge card and many other great extras. With new figure size for children of 5.75 cm.

Item is new in box and is part of the Playmobil range you can find at Pop Toys, 1/20 Roberna St, Moorabbin, Melbourne, Victoria, 3189.

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