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Playmobil Wiltopia 71012 Anteater Care

AUD $35.00

The two children lovingly care for the anteater and his cub. The big anteater has a particularly long and agile tongue, with which he eats the delicious ants (included as removable stickers) from the anthill. Includes animal knowledge card ‘Anteater’ with exciting audio content.

At the beginning of their research trip the Palmers find a baby anteater, who longs for its mother. Lu takes it upon herself to find the anteater mother, a seemingly impossible task. At the end of their stay in the Amazon, after an almost hopeless search, Lu discovers the mother anteater on an ant hill and, returns the baby to its mother, who happily accepts it. Even though Lu would have liked to keep the baby anteater as a lifelong friend, she feels that the baby anteater belongs in nature and with its mother. The newly designed anteater figure’s long tongue is movable and can be pulled out so that it can “eat” the sticker ants. The set includes PLAYMOBIL children’s figures, an anteater with baby, an anthill with plants, a handcart, an animal knowledge card and many other extras. With new figure size for children of 5.75 cm.

Item is new in box and is part of the Playmobil range you can find at Pop Toys, 1/20 Roberna St, Moorabbin, Melbourne, Victoria, 3189.


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