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TMNT – Sewer Sports All-Stars Classic Retro 4” Action Figure 4-Pack

AUD $99.00

Now thanks to Playmates Toys you can relive those nostalgic toy collecting years of the 1980’s, with the Sewer Sports All-Stars Classic Retro Action Figure 4-Pack! Featuring the original TMNT characters as Sewer Sport Stars, each of these half-shell heroes stand approx 4″ tall while paying homage to the original release of action figures with their nostalgic, classic appearance.

Each Turtle has their own bandana colours and sport-specific outfit design to match their unique accessories.. The packaging is typical of the now-retro 80s aesthetic, featuring sport trading card staples alongside the classic Turtles logo.

The Sports Bus packaging includes:

  • T.D. Tossin’ Leonardo Figure
  • Slam Dunkin’ Donatello Figure
  • Skateboardin’ Mike Figure
  • Shell Kickin’ Raph Figure

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